banner for the articlePART I of X – “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This is a common saying that originated from a Chinese proverb and the quotation is from Chapter 64 of the Dao De Jing ascribed to Laozi. The proverb teaches that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point, and it all begins with one first step. This resonates deeply with me and draws parallel to my 8-year journey with CTES Consulting, a Consulting, Training, and Executive Search firm. That one step I took has led me so far along the way ...

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banner for the articleHow skills picked up in NS can apply to the commercial world

In all the years we’ve been providing career counselling and coaching, we have noticed — and heard firsthand — from our candidates that some skills picked up in National Service (NS) are highly applicable to the workforce. Contrary to popular belief, NS can be a period in a man’s life where essential skills are picked up that can be applied to his professional endeavours.

Often deemed a rite of passage where boys become men, National Service is the ...

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banner for the articleTrends in 2021

Given the current state of the global economy, it’s almost expected that the job market won’t be as robust as we would like. However, with several vaccines being developed, economists are predicting a gradual economic recovery. 

What does this mean for the job market? Here are a few trends we can expect in the new normal.

Renewed Hope and More Jobs 
As countries race to develop vaccines to combat Covid-19, more countr...

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banner for the articleSuccessful Online Webinar “Can You Tell Me More About Yourself?"

CTES recently completed a successful run of our online webinar “Can you tell me more about yourself?” where participants gained invaluable knowledge on how best to prepare for their upcoming interviews.
CTES_Can you tell me more about yourself

During the...

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banner for the articleKickstarting 2021 with our Chinese “Niu” Year Celebrations

What’s the best way to welcome the Chinese “Niu” (Chinese for Ox) Year for 2021?
2020 has been an eventful and busy year for CTES and the team certainly look forward to an even better year ahead with bountiful opportunities to forge stronger bonds with our stakeholders.

CTES’s yearly tradition for the 1st day of work after Chinese New Year was to have a simple yet joyous reunion lunch after ...

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banner for the articleSeason's Greetings!

2019 is coming to a close. The year has passed us by faster than we thought and it felt like just yesterday that we were celebrating Lunar New Year at the beginning of the year! 2019 has been a great year for us and we could not have achieved it without the support of our candidates and clients, all of whom played a pivotal role in our work in 2019.

A big shoutout to our dearest colleagues, who weathered the downs with us this ye...

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Topic(s): Just For Fun
banner for the articleMarshghetti Challenge

In our recent team training, we attempted to build a freestanding tower made out of spaghetti supporting a single marshmallow right at the top of the tower!

Each team was given 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 meter of tape, 1 meter of yarn, and a single marshmallow to work on.

With only 18 minutes to get it up and standing, the teams were excited to get going!

Some of us were structured and took out paper to draw up ideal models while some of us couldn&#...

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banner for the articleThe Singapore Health Award 2019

Here's a GREAT piece of news to share with everyone:

We have recently clinched the Excellence Award in the Singapore HEALTH Award organized by the Health Promotion Board! This award recognizes our organization's tremendous effort in promoting workplace health and in enhancing the well-being of our employees. This is a commendable achievement, considering a participation rate of more than 1,000 companies in Singapore. There were 250 awardees at the Singapore HEALTH Award...

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banner for the articleCareer Transformation, Education, and Support Programme

Do you know?

CTES offers our very own Career Preparation Programme! Our Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme is an innovative career preparation series with a triple focus on Career Support (Reflections and Development), Career Education (Structured Training), and Care...

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banner for the articleMBTI® Assessment and its Benefits

While CTES is an Executive Search and Recruitment firm, our services cover more than just placements for our candidates and clients. We also take care of the end-to-end spectrum of the whole career preparation and career search services. To assist our candidates better, we kick-start the journey with them by having a thorough Character Discovery and Career Exploration session. Within the company, we have certified MBTI® Practitioners who can help candidates understand themselves bett...

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