CTES Career Preparation Programme

April 18, 2023

CTES Career Preparation Programme

Did you know?

CTES was founded in 2005 and initially focused on providing training and consulting for businesses, specifically in the areas of financial planning, organisation development, business strategy as well as talent acquisition and management. We have since then branched out to offering recruitment services and providing personal career advisory and coaching to candidates.

One of our career preparation programmes, our Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme, focuses on supporting candidates in three main areas. These include Career Support (Reflections and Development), Career Education (Structured Training), and Career Transformation (Experiential Learning).

This programme is led by seasoned recruiters with over 15 years of experience and knowledgeable career coaches who have both industry knowledge and recruitment expertise. Under their guidance, candidates are given the opportunity to receive personalised career advice and gain greater knowledge on industry insights that can greatly aid in their job search. This programme consists of 10 comprehensive modules as shown in the programme outline.

This programme is completely customisable and welcome to all. Whether you are still a student, a fresh graduate or have already been in the workforce for some time, we strive to help you feel prepared in both the process of seeking a new job and embarking on your new career. We also hope that through this programme, we can help you to grow in your adaptability and flexibility in order to meet the demands of the current and future job market.
If you are interested in finding out more about our Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme, feel free to contact us at to find out more.


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