MBTI Programme
MBTI Programme
CTES's tripartite Standard
CTES's Gold Award for Best Candidate Experience
CTES: Collaborative Teams Empowering Synergies
Executive Search
Collaborative: Collaborative is vital in our quest for business excellence
Teams: our expert teams form powerful alliances
Empowering: to empower organizations
Synergies: with postive syngergies in change management, corporate strategies, innovation and talent management
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Consulting & Training

We provide Consulting and Training services globally. Our Team of Experts from our network of powerful alliances seek to Empower your organisation through the Synergy of Change Management, Strategy, Innovation and Talent Development and Management.

Prof. Robert Davies Francies Warren Mckeown Adj. Prof.Wes McMaster
our professional trainers &
their expertise

Executive Search & Recruitment

Executive Search

The recruitment focus is on the middle and senior management levels who are in industries that are highly specialized. For career opportunities, please click here

General Recruitment

The recruitment target is broad spectrum across the industry for the hiring of secretarial, administrative, technical and junior management positions on a permanent, contract and temporary basis.

General Recruitment

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