Excellent experience with CTES

I had an excellent experience during my recent job search with Reggie from CTES, all thanks to her assistance. From the start, she displayed professionalism as an executive recruiter and provided me with valuable and updated information that helped me make informed decisions. Despite the extended timeline of the job search, which involved multiple interviews over six months with the employer, she was always there for me at every step, providing information, checking in on me after each milestone, and offering support until the very end. I appreciate the excellent service Reggie has provided and would highly recommend CTES to other job seekers like me.


Highly Recommended! Thank you CTES.

CTES consultant has a very energetic and positive personality. She made the employment process easy  and pleasant. Thank you CTES !

Highly recommend !!!

CTES consultant was friendly, transparent and efficient! Although there were some hiccups, she never fails to update and reassure me with regards to the process.
She was not pushy and very understanding!

Thank you CTES !!!

CTES is very patient and understanding throughout the entire process of my job search. They have kept me posted regularly on my application status. The process is straightforward and made easy to follow, making the job search very manageable. 

Thank you CTES !!!

I would like to commend CTES for doing a very professional job in the handling of my job search.

They were extremely helpful in my job search, and eventual hiring by my current company. They took the time to understand what I was looking for in my next role, and when a suitable opportunity was available, they alerted me, and within a week of my first interview I was given an offer.

Thank you CTES!

Thank you CTES Consulting for giving me this amazing opportunity!

"I have known Reggie and CTES Consulting for about 4 years and we have been keeping in touch on and off. Overall, I have always been amazed by their professionalism. In my case, even though they represented a recruiting company, they also put tremendous effort to ensure that I got the best offer possible. Now, I have been a few months into my new job and things could not be better. To work on something that one loves with friendly colleagues in an office full of amazing facilities sounds like an exaggeration, but in my case, this is a dream coming true. I am very grateful to Reggie and her team at CTES Consulting for giving me this amazing opportunity. Should you look for a better career or desire to recruit a highly qualified professional, I highly recommend CTES Consulting. I can assure you that the whole process would be pleasant, timely and seamless."

Participant in Career Workshop

Hi Christina,

"Prepare, prepare, prepare…" is such an excellent advice from you!
It was a fruitful and inspiring session (Interview Skills Workshop (25/02) @ 9am). I have benefited greatly from your extensive sharing and wealth of experience.
I leave the workshop feeling more equipped to go for interviews now.  Thank you for igniting the hope!
Have a wonderful weekend!

The grateful one
D. Tan

Smooth and prompt recruitment services with CTES

"The recruitment services rendered for me relating to the role of Manager, Strategic Planning & Coordination the pass months was prompt and smooth throughout. Reggie is very knowledgeable in the field and was steadfast in providing assistance when enquired. Thank you, Reggie and team!"

Strongly recommend!

I was approached by Jaclyn and attended by Clifford. Initially I am not keen to change to a new role till they have provided me with all valuable details and make me more confident to move on to a better prospect job. With both of their professional guidance with highlighted tips to me, it helps me a lot and make me more confident during my interview with the prospective employer.
I will strongly recommend CTES Executive Search to my family members and friends who are looking for better prospect job. Thank you!

Participant in Career Workshop

Greetings CTES, I have good news to share with you. I got a total of 3 offers this month.

Those are Cyber Security Engineer, Associate Threat Intelligence Analyst, and SOC Analyst.

I have chosen to take on the Cyber Security Engineer role, I'm in my first week of work! 

I would like to thank you for the path that we crossed (online career workshop) during my first job hunting after university and I have learned a lot in this process!

Thank you so much!

Lead Professional Officer

Jaclyn has been super fantastic in connecting me to my opportunity job. She was very responsive and follow-up with her client on the queries I have. She kept me constantly updated on the progress and was a great business partner in recommending me to my future employer.

Thank you Clifford!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Participant in Career Workshop


I'm a student and the other day, I joined your Networking Workshop – From Shy to Shine. It left me with a lot of useful learning points, especially some techniques to overcome the shyness at first and start a conversation with someone new. Thank you so much for sharing!

Participant in Career Workshop

Good afternoon, CTES! :)

Your advice has given me more confidence in my internship-hunting process. I shall update you with my progress :D Thank you so, so much for your guidance,! These are really encouraging advice and they have crystallized my post-year three pathway!

Participant in Career Workshop

Hello CTES!

I have just finished attending your workshop on how to network and I wanted to say thank you! I've been trying to overcome shyness and I have learned many useful tips from you today. I truly appreciate your time helping students like myself :)

Participant in Career Workshop

Hello CTES,

I am an alumnus of PSB Academy who has attended your previous webinar about Career Conversations and strategies on how to find a job in a Pandemic and I was very drawn in and interested by the way you were clearly explaining things. I look forward to your future webinar talks! It is really helpful for fresh graduates like me by giving me a sense of direction of where I should start. Thank you so much!

Participant in Career Workshop


I attended your "Surviving the Resume Blackhole" workshop last month and it was very motivating and helpful for me.
After attending your workshop, I have submitted 7 job applications and managed to get 1 interview.

Thank you for your help!

Participant in JobBook Programme

Dear CTES,

I'm one of your students in the JobBook Programme and I hope you remember me. I asked for your advice on salary negotiation in one of my past interviews some time back. I wanted to let you know that I got the job :) I have been in my dream company for about 2 months now - thank you very much again for all that you do! Sincere appreciation :)



I really appreciate your help with securing this job. Words cannot describe my gratefulness to you for helping me to return to a role that I have passion for.

Thank you!

Participant in Career Workshop

Hello CTES,

I have greatly enjoyed your session today, it is so informative as compared to the rest that I have attended.
Keep up the awesome work!