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What Is Recruitment?

The world of human capital and recruitment is an exciting area to work in. As a recruitment consultant, you will have to perform the full spectrum duties of an intermediary between clients and candidates to ensure a good fit between the two. It is crucial that we meet the resourcing needs of our clients and also to ensure the aspirations of our candidates are met.

In this ever changing, fast paced and competitive business climate, recruitment consultants will have to fully understand the business, culture and work patterns of our clients. This can be done through business development and thorough research of the industry that the consultants are working on. Building lasting relationships with candidates, offering them advice on job roles and providing necessary support during career transition are also important aspects of the job.

What Is Required Of A Consultant?

If you are a resilient, motivated and driven person aspiring to work in a dynamic and vibrant environment, then recruitment is the job for you! Sales and business development will be key responsibilities in this role so you will have to network, engage in vigorous marketing activities, screen, interview and do background checks on candidates.

You will need to have good intuition and good people qualities, to communicate well to bring ideas and thoughts across to clients and candidates alike. Like all sales job, you will get to meet many people from all walks of life, so you will have to be outgoing, spontaneous and on your toes at all times. On the job training will be provided, so as long as you have the right qualities, the passion for people and is results driven, then this career will be the suitable one for you.

Why Join Us?

In CTES®, our people are our most valued assets. We are always looking for talents to join us as we are confident to fulfill their aspirations. We offer an attractive salary package and competitive benefits to our people. The earning potential of recruitment is unlimited! In order to help you achieve your career goals and incentives, we have a series of training all systematically in place to guide you there.

Once you have learnt the ropes of the business, you can get started with our portfolio consisting of 500 or more clients, local and overseas establishments. We always look at providing long term careers to our people, so you can look at joining us as a recruitment consultant, but moving on to a team leader role, and then eventually helming a whole division on your own.

We stand very strong by the values we hold, which is, Care & Cooperation, Trust & Respect, Enthusiasm & Ethics and Systems & Thinking and it is our modus operandi in all things. All of us are like-minded individuals who recognize these basic humanity values in building the bricks of our culture. The environment in CTES® is close knitted, supportive and friendly and is very conducive for a competitive sales job like recruitment.

We have expansion plans to emerging markets in the next year or two, so you can be part of our story in leaving our footprints in the region if you join us!

Opening Positions:
Recruitment Consultant/Senior Consultant
Business Development & Innovation Manager
Manager/Senior Manager (to lead Recruitment Team)

If you are keen to find out more about a career in recruitment, please contact:
Human Resource
Telephone: 6223 0331
Email: [email protected]