Showing Empathy At The Workplace

March 21, 2023

Showing Empathy At The Workplace

Building a work environment where employees feel motivated, appreciated and engaged is pertinent at CTES. In past group meetings, we discussed with our employees what an ideal workplace looks like for them. Most of them mentioned the following:
  1. An environment where employee feedback and suggestions are heard.
  2. Active involvement of employees in decisions that affect them.
  3. Culture of kindness and tolerance towards honest mistakes.
  4. Employees being appreciated for their efforts and work done.
  5. A common understanding that more can be achieved when there is teamwork and cooperation.
  6. Mutual support for one another.
  7. Showing kindness and tact during disagreements and discussions.

Working in an environment where our colleagues and bosses demonstrate empathy can be a huge form of support and encouragement that keeps us going on tough days. Many studies have shown that empathy plays a key role in improving work relationships and an overall happier life. If you have been struggling to connect with your peers at work and want to build stronger connections, here is an infographic containing data gathered from Autism Research Centre, Businessolver and SAGE on empathy at work.

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