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Here's a GREAT piece of news to share with everyone:

We have recently clinched the Excellence Award in the Singapore HEALTH Award organized by the Health Promotion Board! This award recognizes our organization's tremendous effort in promoting workplace health and in enhancing the well-being of our employees. This is a commendable achievement, considering a participation rate of more than 1,000 companies in Singapore. There were 250 awardees at the Singapore HEALTH Award...

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banner for the articleCareer Transformation, Education, and Support Programme

Do you know?

CTES offers our very own Career Preparation Programme! Our Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme is an innovative career preparation series with a triple focus on Career Support (Reflections and Development), Career Education (Structured Training), and Care...

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banner for the articleMBTI® Assessment and its Benefits

While CTES is an Executive Search and Recruitment firm, our services cover more than just placements for our candidates and clients. We also take care of the end-to-end spectrum of the whole career preparation and career search services. To assist our candidates better, we kick-start the journey with them by having a thorough Character Discovery and Career Exploration session. Within the company, we have certified MBTI® Practitioners who can help candidates understand themselves bett...

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banner for the articleSingapore’s Work Holiday Pass and Training Employment Pass

Are you interested to work in Singapore but not entirely sure if you want to make the big move just yet?

Consider applying for a Work Holiday Pass (under Work Holiday Programme). It allows eligible students and young graduates to holiday and work in Singapore for 6 months. This non-renewable pass has a capacity of 2,000 places at any one time.

Who is eligible for the Work Holiday Pass?
banner for the articlePower of LinkedIn for Your Career

Do you have a LinkedIn account? What do you use it for? It is an easy way to reconnect with an ex-co-worker or schoolmates. However, many members of LinkedIn are not making the full use of this social media platform to their advantage. Discovering it’s features and functions will unlock its potential for greater things you least expected!

LinkedIn as a marketing tool
banner for the articleLogistics and Supply Chain Management: How does it work?

Let’s suppose you need to print a document but ran out of paper for the copier machine, so you need to make a run to the store to buy a rim of paper. Ever wondered how that rim of paper land on the shelf of the store? Any retail store or company that sells a product most probably have a supply chain.
Today, we shine the spotlight on the industry of logistics and supply chain management. The terms logistics and supply chain management ...

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banner for the articleWhat Does a Career in Law Look Like?

Know What Lawyers Do from the Big Screen? Here’s What They Actually Do.

We have been exposed to the ‘world of law’ through entertainment where attorneys are portrayed to get their clients out of jail, portraying them to be evil or good. We form our own picture of what law looks like through movies and drama series, but what do lawyers actually do and what is the law en...

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Topic(s): Career Path
banner for the articleManagement Consulting Explained

If you are interested in how businesses work, a career in management consulting might be just for you!

Management consulting focuses on the growth of the whole organization, including how to increase and expand the overall productivity, efficiency, and profit. Management consulting comes into play to answer the questions raised by people who manage a part of or the whole business. Each question...

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banner for the articleChanges to the Employment Act, W.E.F 1st April 2019

Have you heard? The Ministry of Manpower has announced on 20th November last year that there will be changes to the Employment Act (EA) and Employment Claims Act (ECA). These changes are made in consultation with tripartite partners - the National Trades Union Congress and the Singapore National Employers Federation and a public consultation on the areas of review was also conducted in January and February 2018. The changes will take effec...

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banner for the articleWhat is the Difference Between Advertising, Marketing and PR?

For the vast majority, the terms marketing, advertising and public relations (PR) are commonly associated and more often, people get confused with the terms. Although there are similarities (significant engagement) between the three, there are also key differences.

The key difference is their primary focus. Marketing is the promotion of products and services for the purpose of revenue. It is a large umbrella for boosting public awareness that inc...

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