To Phyllis: 
Really appreciate your time to go through my application, coordinating the interview session and preparing me for the interview. Thank you for always being there for me and thank you for everything! :)


Jaclyn is very professional and dedicated to placing candidates in the right job. I appreciate her quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up in every aspect. She is friendly, approachable, helpful and patient. Jaclyn even went as far as to send a handwritten card to congratulate me on the job and to give practical advice on how I can succeed in the job. Job hunting can be stressful and Jaclyn made the process really smooth for me.
I am very satisfied with the services rendered and I would recommend jobseekers to consider CTES Consulting in aiding them in their job hunt.


I am an active job seeker and was looking for a job. I have previous bad experience with recruitment agencies and did not like working with them. However, as I was looking for a job, I decided to try agency one more time. As usual, there were some hiccups that happened during the recruitment process with the client. As I am a person who gets worried easily, I was feeling uneasy and was panicking the whole time. Phyllis is very experienced and kept reassuring me that everything will turn out fine and even guide and taught me methods to solve my problems! She also personally promised me that she will solve the problems with the client for me, and true enough, it was all settled quickly. The client was happy and so was I, and within 2 weeks, I was happily employed. Thank you Phyllis, you make a difference in my life.


Dear Phyllis,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being able to link me up to a job in a short period of time and guiding me through the process. Your positive attitude allows the candidate to follow the way you are. You have been responsible when it comes to updating me with all the information as well as checking with the respective company regarding my doubts. 
It is a great pleasure working with you and I appreciate all the work that you have done for me.
Wishing you all the best and I hope you will continue to motivate future candidates!


Managed to secure a good job through CTES Consulting. Special commendations to Jaclyn Tan whom had provided good advice on interview tips, remuneration negotiation and prompt in her follow-up.


CTES is the best!

Applied for a job online and got a very fast response from the consultant.
The consultant is a very understanding, helpful, hardworking and patient consultant to deal with.
I didn't have to wait too long to get a new job and have been enjoying my stay in the new company.

Thank you CTES for the offer and will definitely refer friends to CTES!


It has been a pleasant experience with CTES Consulting right from the start of my job interviews till securing the position. Phyllis has been always prompt and helpful and I appreciate her willingness to go the extra mile. This was a pleasant surprise as I don't often come across recruiters who understand my skill set and can recommend a good fit. I would definitely recommend CTES Consulting to my friends looking for better career choices.


I have been applying for jobs through JobStreet and one day Phyllis from CTES Consulting Pte Ltd contacted me for a career opportunity. During our conversation. I asked if she could find me some good permanent roles and she put me in touch with a suitable client straight away. And so I got shortlisted by the client and after the interview, I got the job! I really appreciate and I am thankful to Phyllis for the excellent service and efficiency that I could get a job so soon!


Thank you so much for all the kind effort in this journey to my next career move. It has been most gratifying to receive so many pointers and tips on the expectation of the job as well as managing both the client and myself to deliver the best outcome. Thanks Jaclyn!


Even though I was not chosen for the role, I really appreciate the help and guidance during the whole process. Phyllis was prompt with her replies and when I was not selected for the role, I was given a personable explanation explaining my shortfall and why I was not chosen. Speaks well of CTES and the training provided to the consultants. Special thanks to Phyllis!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Phyllis Yap and CTES for all of the time and effort in providing me all the help I needed during my job search. Since we first met up, they have been very professional. I will look forward to work with CTES again whenever I am looking for another job opportunity.


Right from the first interview, Jaclyn was very thorough, which is very important! She is a good listener and good communicator. She ensured that both myself and the employer know each others' expectations and that eased the interview process. For me, there were 4 rounds of interviews for the position that I was going for and Jaclyn did excellent follow up for me. She was communicating and updating me throughout the entire process. With her assistance, I got my dream job as per my professional expertise. I am glad I went through this with Jaclyn! 

Candidate, Zavier T.

I have recently engaged the services of CTES during my job search and have successfully found a suitable job for myself. During this process, I was assisted by Miss Phyllis, who has been a great help. Not only is she friendly and approachable, she responds quickly and efficiently. This experience has truly allowed me to understand the value of an agency during the job application process.
  • The large advertising network allows me to find the job opening.
  • The initial preparation equips me with relevant knowledge of the job scope, company and interview.
  • Following up with the next few phases is fast and hassle free.
  • Contract disagreements and clarification can be discussed without awkwardness.
  • No cost is borne by myself, the job applicant.
Thank you for the help, CTES.

Mr. Teo - Candidate

Dear Phyllis,

I had a great discussion with both Christina and yourself.

Thank you for spending your precious time staying engaged with me yesterday as well as the number of hours put in preparation for our meet up and the good coordination with the company to make my interview this afternoon possible.

I truly appreciate it and kindly extend my appreciation to Christina too. You guys are a great team!


Dear Jaclyn,

Thank you for your time and great support in helping me to make the right career move. From the 1st interview until the job offer it has been long waited process but thank you for your patience and your great effort for effectively following up throughout each stage of the recruitment process. It was a nice experience with CTES and I truly appreciate it. Once again, thank you for the opportunity provided to me, wishing CTES the best in future :)

Truly Deserving of the 'Best Candidate Experience' Gold Award!


From the day Jaclyn called me to the day I inked the letter of acceptance, the journey with CTES has been nothing but exceptional. Jaclyn is knowledgeable, highly professional and extremely prompt in her response, she is sincere in her interactions with me and despite the unusually long process, she was patient throughout. She is indeed a gem to work with.  I will not hesitate to recommend her to my friends if the need arises. 

A great length of effort

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Jaclyn Tan for being patient and effortlessly aiding my pursue of my next career stage. Her utmost sincere job match ensures the best suitability of the job requirements meets my experiences and capability. I am thankful for her geninue encouragement and the trust we have built upon along the strenuous job search. Someone who really cares what really matters most. 

Melissa T, Candidate

It's going to be a long testimonial but you all make it worth it. Frankly speaking I'm a person who fears phonecalls/emails from job agencies. I don't trust job agencies at all until I met CTES. One day, I decided to update my resume before I really start to look for a job. The next day I received a call from CTES saying that they have a job that is suitable for me asking if I'm interested. I was thinking why not I give it a try. So I proceed with applying the job application through their website. Few days later, I got a call back from Phyllis saying that I'm shortlisted for an interview. Was told that CTES need to see me before I head down for an interview with their client. Then I was thinking, is it going to waste my time like other job agencies that I've visited years ago?


But when I reached the CTES office it is totally different. I was greeted by Phyllis then Christina. After years of not interviewing I'm nervous and my mind is blank. Christina told me that not to worry, she is here to help me as well as preparing me to be ready for the interview with their client. I was so surprised and relieved that I met CTES. Christina was very patient and detailed. She explained to me and advised me on how I should present myself. I've never ever felt so happy and comfortable in an interview. She gave me tips on the important/tricky questions that the interviewer would ask me. As well as Phyllis she's very patient and understanding. She kept me updated on every status and make sure I don't feel any stress at any stage of the whole process. 


Thank you once again CTES, thank you for the effort and I appreciate it! I hope that everything goes well and I will be happy to start my new career soon. Keep up the great work! CTES proved me wrong on the judgement of the job agencies!

Mr. Eddie Lim - Candidate

I am confident to say that Christina and Phyllis were the best recruitment consultants I have ever worked with. Although I did not succeed in the application, they provided exceptional guidance and help throughout each stage of the recruitment process and were always keen to give advice whilst showing a genuine interest in my progress throughout my application. Christina and Phyllis were true professionals and all round nice person to deal with and have displayed a real touch of class that I haven't experienced with other recruitment companies. 

Mr. Lee - Candidate
CTES has always provided great service, even after the previous consultant left, Christina seamlessly took over the relationship. Updates and changes to interviews were communicated in a timely manner and constant updates from CTES (which are unusual in the industry) are very reassuring for a candidate.

Whenever I have any questions, I can always reach out and communicate with Christina easily. Reminders for interviews are always given and much appreciated.

Help was rendered before the interviews which was helpful. Follow-up calls after each interview also give important insight into the outcome of the interview (something also unusual in industry but is very useful and helps to clear doubts).