Ms M.C. Ngoi, Accountant from International Educational Firm

I would like to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation to CTES consultants, especially Jaclyn, who had really put in a lot of effort in matching my past working experiences to my current job. She is patient and spent time helping me understand the employer's expectation and the job requirements. Her quick response and approachable manner have made the whole job search process a smooth one for me. She reviews my progress very closely to ensure everything is in order. I am very impressed with CTES. They are very professional and are always looking after the interest of both the candidates and employers. Thank you very much for providing such excellent service.

Christopher Chew, Retail Operations Manager with a leading F&B Chain

I would like to thank CTES consultants for all their assistance in introducing me to your client. It was a process that took less than a month. I'm all set out to build up my portfolio in Singapore after my overseas exposure. Thanks for the support and trust that I was the right applicant for your client. Once again, thanks and I wish Christina, Ms.Jaclyn and her management team a successful year ahead.

Ms P. Chin, Operations Manager, Leading Oil & Gas Company

Dear Christina & Jaclyn, G'day, and I believe that you are doing well! I just wanted to take the time to drop a note of appreciation for guiding me on a new career path in Oil/Gas Company. My experience with CTES Consulting Pte Ltd was very impressive from the beginning to the end. It is indeed a great pleasure to express my sincere gratitude over your professional approach and dedication in rendering the consulting services. A persistent follow-up and response was proof of your committed service to meet overall satisfaction for both the Hiring Company and the Candidate. Thanks Jaclyn for her listening ear and positive demeanour in carrying out selections and job placement duties. Last but not least, I would certainly recommend CTES to job seekers and keep you in mind for any corporate recruitment needs in future. Thanks Christina and Jacyln for their efforts. I wish them success in their future career.

S. Liu, R & D Manager

Dear Jaclyn, Thank you for the professional handling of the possible job opportunity during the past few weeks. Although it did not come to fruition, it has been a great pleasure working with you. The support that you have provided me, the frequent updates and contact, have allowed me to place my trust in you. You have a consulting firm that is among the very best I have come across. I wish you and the company the very best. Warm Regards.

Eileen L. Y L, Candidate

I find that CTES is very efficient compared to other agencies that I have came across. Jaclyn responded to my job application within a short time frame. I'm very happy with her customer service skills and her assistance in my job search process.

Mr Kim, Head, Corporate Service Team, Leading Korean MNC

I like to express my appreciation on your visit to our company to figure out our company's needs and how to help us find the proper talents for our company in the future. Moreover, it was also very good to hear your candid sentiment about current HR market situation and prevailing HR practices in Singapore. I also felt yesterday that CTES is the company which client's idea can go through, being different from other agents saying their side of the story and highlight their strength more. I hope you will continue to stay as one of our most reliable partners in building competitiveness in human resources. Thank you.

Tan H.M, Logistics Assistant, UK Logistics MNC

I would like to express my thanks to you for helping me with my career search.The interview experience and tips were wonderful. I had been to serveral other job agencies but nobody helped me with my interview skills. I was really glad that you prepared me well for the interview with the company. During the interview, you were able to spot my weaknesses and assisted me to improve in the most comfortable manner. I could remember before my interview with the employer, I was panicked and I was glad that I called you. You really boosted my confidence then. Thank you for spending the time with me and the calls you made to me even after my work commencement.

Mr Ganesh, CTES Candidate 

It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing this letter of testimonial for CTES, which is an outstanding recruitment firm who on their daily basis goes "above and beyond" in their support to job seekers and continuously exceeds their performance standards as a recruiter. CTES is an extremely positive, dependable consultancy that perform their duties in an extremely timely and conscientious manner. It was my pleasure to rely on CTES recruitment in my job search. CTES is a highly focused and dedicated recruitment firm with excellent team members and I will highly recommend CTES to any job seekers as their career consultant.

Rachel Li, Customer Service, Leading Real Estate Management Consultants

Thank you for your great help and assistance in finding me a great job with good prospect. You provide me with very good service with less worries. During the interview, you have also guided me with a lot of different pointers that benefitted me. I wish you all the best, CTES!

Ms P L Yap, Candidate

The interview session with CTES was an added value for me. Good guidance and advises were provided during the session. It helps me to build up my confident level and prepare well for my interview session with the employer.

Marie Ng, Leading Foreign Offshore Bank

I found my current job through CTES Consulting. It took less than two weeks for me to find this job even though I have started my job hunt about one month before I met the consultant from CTES. I have been to other search agency as well as other consultants, but they are no match to the consultants at CTES. In terms of efficiency, response and updating the candidates, CTES has outperform their peers. I believe CTES put in lots of effort in positioning her candidates to her clients and vice versa. I m sure they carefully matches the needs of their clients with the qualities of their candidates. I would like to thank CTES once again for their effort and time in placing me in my current job.

Ms J. Lum, Assistant HR Manager, International Energy Company

As a corporate client, CTES has successfully helped our organization to place a recent position and their responses and follow ups on candidates shortlisted for interviews are commendable. They have displayed enthusiasm and professionalism in her placement search and has responded promptly by surfacing several candidates for consideration within a short time frame. They are friendly and has strong customer service skills. It has been a pleasant experience working with them. As such, we look forward to engaging their recruitment services for future job openings.

Jesper, Financial Controller

I've been very pleased with your service. The interview I had with the candidate was good. You understood very clearly the needs and found the right candidate for us. The candidates from you was much better compared to the candidates I had from other recruitment firms. I look forward to the future cooperation.

Ivy Ong, HR Executive (US-MNC - Semiconductor Industry)

I would rate the level of service as above average or 4 out of 5. The recruitment consultant is able to source the candidates based on the criteria and job requirements as furnished. The quality of candidates sent has been good and most of them are able to meet the expectation. The overall impressions of CTES Consulting is very good.

Karin Lim, HR/Admin/Compliance(HQ)

First and foremost, I would like to extend my appreciation to your consultants for always making an effort to cater to our company's specific requirements. To find a good match between the hiring company and candidate is never an easy task especially in this present market whereby the demand is more than supply. However, amidst the imperfect market conditions, your consultants are able to source and select the best fit candidates for most of the positions that the company is hiring. Most of the candidates sent by CTES are of good potential, they have the required educational qualifications, ample experience in the same industry (if not, similar industry) and importantly, they are of pleasant personality.I would certainly recommend CTES Consulting Pte Ltd to any HR practitioners who are looking for reliable and efficient employment consultancy. Keep up the good work CTES!

Mr W.C. Ang, Project Financial Controller, Leading Aviation MNC

I am writing to thank you for getting me the position I have today. I am impressed with your company's professionalism and commitment to the candidates' job search. The personal touch has also made the whole job search process a pleasant one.

Mr W.C. Ang, Project Financial Controller, Leading Aviation MNC

I am writing to thank you for getting me the position I have today. I am impressed with your company's professionalism and commitment to the candidates' job search. The personal touch has also made the whole job search process a pleasant one.

Kathy Yeh, Secretary

I would like to express a sincere 'Thank You' to CTES Consulting who is my placement consultant. They are very detail, precise and experienced and highly professional. I highly recommend CTES to candidates who is looking for jobs or companies who is looking for candidates.

Jaslin Chua, Treasury Executive (Property Developer)

I am pleased to have CTES CONSULTING PTE LTD as my personal career consultant. I find that they are very professional and experience in providing services for their candidates. I sincerely hope that the company will excel in the future. I would like to thank CTES for their time and patience to guide me through the interviews and share with me various technical tips. I am glad that I've managed to get the job. Once again, 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Alvina, Receptionist

Thank you so much for your interview tips. I find it really helpful and it was great! You really helped me to get prepared for the actual interview. I was really shocked and nervous to be interviewed by a panel of four managers for the first time; but with your preparations, I manage to pull it off professionally. CTES have been a great help and the useful feedbacks which you've provided had better prepared me.