Tricia Chiang, HR Executive (Established F&B Company)

I am very pleased with the teams at CTES. They provided me with good services and helped me in many ways. Amazingly, the recruitment consultant helped me to get a new job in less than two weeks. I would like to thank CTES for their sharing and prompt response. Hope that CTES will keep up the good work and continue to help up those candidates who are in need for a job.

Mr Y.T. Wong, Finance Executive

I can sense their sincerity and passion in helping their candidates to look for jobs that they are interested in unlike some other job agencies which are out to earn quick bucks. The consultants at CTES deserve a pat on their shoulders for their commitment towards their work and professionalism.

Phyllis Goh, Sales Coordinator(UK MNC)

A very fast, efficient and helpful agent I have ever met. She has a pair of good listening ears as well. Thanks, I am very happy with my job that you introduced and coping it so far so good.

Jei Sim, Customer Service Representative (US MNC)

Hi! Things at my new job are fine, Thank You :-). I would like to refer friends to you and please try to job-match for them.

Michelle Foo, Secretary (Established foreign law firm)

CTES Consulting Pte Ltd is a very efficient recruitment agency. They attended to my CV immediately as compared to other employment agency that took months to reply. The consultants are skillful and friendly. In addition, they are professional and provide a good job match based on my capability and needs.

Stewart Tay, IT Manager

I was truly impressed with the level of professionalism and services from CTES. Within a month, I have found a job with one of the European MNC companies. The whole process from setting up interview to confirmation of offer was very efficient and fast. They have shown they are one of the highly effective job placement organization.

Priscilla Chin, Regional Operational Representative, European MNC 

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for helping me look for a job. You are able to remember me for a temporary assignment job. You had given a very good service to me in helping me looking for a job. You are friendly, approaching, understanding, helpful. Your friendly and approachable service rendered to me is highly appreciated and I will definitely recommend you to my friends who are looking for job. Once again, a BIG THANK YOU for the service you had rendered!

Mr N.B. Chiong, Group Accountant, Listed Holding Company

I would like to express my appreciation to CTES Consulting who helped me to find job. The recruitment consultant is friendly, helpful and pleasant in personality. Most importantly, I felt good comfortable level of trust that they understood and knew what I expect, so that there are no miss-match of jobs, which I normally encountered with most of the consultants from other agencies. They insisted on briefing me on the information about the job requirements before I went for the interview with the Group Managing Director of the company that I am working with right now. These informations prepared me for a successful interview and in fact, I was shortlisted immediately for a second interview on the second day. And here I am, started my job on the 4th day after I met up with CTES. I have come across CTES Consulting on website, and the recruitment consultant contacted me after few days I had applied for the position they advertised for. Overall, I found their services very satisfactory, and I would be very happy to introduce CTES Consulting to my friends who are in search for jobs. CTES, Great Job!

Dorothy Lim, Candidate

I was recently scheduled for an interview through CTES. The recruitment consultant has done some findings to match up the job requirements with my working experiences. They also shared some interviewing tips during a short conversation with them before going for the interview. This can better prepare me to face the interviewers as I would have plan on how to market myself in relation to the job requirement. Although I did not manage to get the job through your company, I would still like to express my thankfulness to CTES Consulting in making so much effort in doing the coordinations. I am happy with the service that they had provided me and will recommend other job seekers to your company for better opportunities.

Desmond Tan, Accountant, Local Listed Company

I would sincerely like to thank you for your time and effort in getting me a job. You are really nice and helpful.

Joyce Lim, Company Secretary, Danish MNC

I would like to thank you for the superb service you have provided and for being quick in matching me with the "correct" employer. Importantly, you have found me the exact job that I wanted. I would definitely recommend my colleagues or friends to contact you in terms of career change. Thank you very much!

Mr S.Y. Tee, Accountant

I would like to thank you for your help in getting me the job which matches my interests. I appreciate your quick responses and your professionalism and very thoughtful for the advice given, so that I was able to get the job offer in just a few days' time. You are the most helpful recruitment consultant I have ever met! =) Thanks a million!

Violet Ang, Shipping Executive

I would like to thank you for successfully matching me with my current company. It was almost 12 years' gap between my last job interview and this interview and my experience is a little lacking in terms of negotiating with potential employer. I am grateful for your kind tips and impressed with the professional way in which you conduct yourself. Keep up the excellent service!

Paris, Assistant QA/QC Engineer, Leading Construction Firm

Thank you very much for the update that you have given me about my application. I really hope and pray that I will be taken for the position I applied for or any position that fits my qualification. You have a very good attitude in dealing with your candidates where you show true concern about their employment. Also, I find you to be very approachable and genuine. All I can say is that your company is really good and thank GOD that He sent me to your company where I can find a glimpse of hope despite of many frustrations and desperations to be employed here in Singapore.

Melisa Teh, Group Accountant, Property Developer

I was searching for a permanent job for a full 45 days. I must admit amongst the recruitment agents that I came across during this period, you were the most professional in your duty of work. I admire your approach in matching my skills to jobs available, which I believe something employers will appreciate very much as job descriptions can be very specific for similar titled positions. Not forgetting your honest opinion in how I can improve myself during interview, I appreciate it very much. You were also quick to update me on the post-interview status to ensure I can do whatever necessary asap. Your approachable nature also makes it easy for both me and the prospective employer to communicate to you. These are the qualities I must highlight in you that makes you an exemplary person in your field. May you keep up the good work!

Ms Goh, Finance Manager, International Educational Firm

I found my current job through CTES Consulting. I find that they are indeed professional in executing their role as a head-hunter/ recruitment specialist. They are able to provide details and information that was helpful for the interview with the hiring company. My overall impression of CTES Consulting is that they are professional, possess strict compliance and know what their client's criteria and requirements well.

Justina Goh, Sales Manager, Hotel and Hospitality Management

I would like to thank CTES Consulting for the fast and efficient services. I was quite amazed I was able to get employed within a week of interview. I did not expect to get a fast response due to the current economic situation. The interview with you was done very professionally and you have kept me in the loop on the status of my application. Thank you once again and I will definitely introduce any friends or family members to CTES.

Mr O.M. Salleh, Boarding Officer with a leading Norway shipping MNC

Thank you for your prompt follow-up with your client, and for sharing the feedbacks you receive from the HR manager and other interviewers. Thank for CTES for giving me this opportunity to embark on my new career. They are definitely one of the most efficient job placement organisation which not only cater to job searching but also job matching!

Ms Q.P. Ng, Accounts Assistant

She is very helpful, friendly and responsible. She has been giving me constant updates throughout the whole job application period, ie right after the interview appointment with the client co, she called to ask about my feedback of the interview and informed me that she will get back to me on the results by a certain time frame; she also sent me not only an email, but also a letter informing me of the job confirmation details. All the constant follow up actions and assurances by her made me feel at ease. The interview proved to be helpful as the consultant explained to me about the career prospectives and advancements in the accounting field. With these information, I had a clearer picture of the whole job path and what I can expect now and in the future. I was informed of the job responsibilities and made aware of the duties to be performed and also the consultant highlighted the areas that the hiring co was looking out for which better prepared me for the interview. The questions asked at the interview were more or less expected and I was able to come up with anwsers more readily and fluently, making myself appear more confident. This is the first time I ever came in contact with CTES Consulting and I had a good impression of the consultancy, owing to the high quality of service rendered by the consultant. I am greatly impressed as even though the job applied for was a contract position, but the attitude was serious and professional. The replies were also timely and prompt, giving job applicants the assurance they need and earning their trust as being reliable and trustworthy.

Pearl Lim, Lab Technician

Thank you for giving me an interview opportunity from your agency last Wednesday. I was particularly impressed with both of your explaination and the interviewing process. I appreciate the tips given to me.