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banner for the articleIntroducing a New Class of Labour with Industry 4.0

There is a new shark circling in the waters of Dubai Marina. It is not the shark you were expecting, its name is WasteShark and it hunts pollution in the waters. WasteShark is a waterborne drone that eats up trash instead of living beings. It not only swallows floating waste and filters water but also collects water quality data. Measuring the temperate, air pressure and quality of the water is useful in collecting real-time data, allowing for a dynamic understanding of water quality. Th...

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banner for the articleDelivering Effective Presentations at LSBF

Is there a set way to deliver presentations effectively? Presentations are carried out in many areas – schools, workplace, events, and many more. We were glad to better equip the students at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) for future presentations related to their coursework. Some of LSBF's employees attended the talk too!

There are various factors involved in delivering your presentation to ensure maximum eff...

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banner for the articleLittle Things that Go a Long Way

With an average work time of 45 hours a week, squeezing in workout routines is not easy. Still, exercising should be a priority as it is beneficial for health and it improves the quality of life. To adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are habits to take up which can be squeezed into your working hours. 
One way is to take walks for at least 30 minutes each day. It may seem like a long time, but it will add up...

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