Have a break, live for the weekends!

February 08, 2018

Have a break, live for the weekends!

In a fast-paced and dynamic working world, we are often given deadlines and workload which we may not be able to handle. From week to week, we bury ourselves in our work, neglecting the protests from our bodies in saying, "HEY, WE NEED A REST HERE!". Thinking that you will be more productive by constantly working is false. Research has shown that we need time to refresh - not just for our bodies, but also for our minds.

Having a mental break is important and this can be achieved by disconnecting from work. Here are the benefits of giving yourself a break from work:

To successfully give yourself some space from work, follow these pointers below!
  • Switch off during the weekend. Keep a separate work and personal phone and hide your work phone in a drawer so you will not be tempted to check it.
  • Find a place you can escape to. If there is a park or cafe you enjoy spending time with your friends or family, make it a regular habit to ask them out and spend some time with them.
  • Keep a to-do list. Make this list so you can take care of outstanding items as soon as you are back in office, rather than attending to these tasks as they occur to you.
  • Spice up your weekend! If you are bored, it's highly probable that you will be drawn back into your work. Swim, visit a museum or go for a long walk to nurture your weekend mood.
  • Meditate. Mindful meditation can help you live in the moment and may improve your power of concentration.
  • Focus on the art of living. Enjoy things like good bread and fresh flowers on a weekend to help mark a line between your personal and professional time.
  • Delegate while at work. If you discover that your work constantly requires you to work long hours, it's time to split the workload.
  • Find a hobby! Do something to put your energy into so you can keep your mind off work. Meet new people, get fit or build new skills!
  • Keep a separate work zone at home. Arrange your home to ensure that your work and family areas don't overlap.
  • Turn your notifications off. Switching your phone alerts off can reduce stress - tested and proven!
Working through the weekend is both unhealthy and counter-productive. Listen to Science, and make the most of your time during the weekend! heart
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